Saturday, April 18, 2009

born January 2, 2009
7lbs.7oz. 21 inches long

Of course big sister LOVES HIM!!

check out that hair! Yes, I do style it!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I know that I have been totally bad with the blog thing,
I knew I would be,
so sorry to everybody who has to look at the so old posts.
I made it a January goal to post at least something new.
So here you go!!
Every year we have the hugest silly string fight it is so much fun!!

YES! That is snow!!
Santa left a little snow from his sled on our door step.It was so much fun!!
Actually, the story is that, Ellaree kept insisting that there was going to be snow on Christmas Day. I kept telling her that it probably will not snow at our house ,but maybe at the cabin and we can go and see it sometime. But she said, " the cabin was not decorated, so Santa would not bring snow there!" Anyways. We have some friends I was telling this story to, and they have a 500 gallon shaved ice machine and they said that we can come and get some and put it on our doorstep for her. Well, we forgot to get it Christmas Eve, so we were going to forget about it. But that morning we woke up to a truck driving off and they had left a Huge pile of snow for us. It was so sweet!
So Ellaree bragged all day that Santa brought her snow. She was so happy!

Now I am trying to get ready for the new year! I have so much I want to accomplish. I hope I can stay on track! If only time can slow a little! " HEE!" " HEE!" I hope that everyone is well. Have a wonderful rest of January! I will talk to you in February!
(I hope!)


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello Everybody!

HELLO! How is everybody? Hope that everyone is doing well.
I am so excited for the Fall!
It is my favorite season!
It is when I got married! 5 years ! Wow!
Time flies when you are having fun!:)
Tons of memories!
Take care!
Enjoy the upcoming cooler weather!
Love LaRee

Ellaree has started dance!She is loving it!
She is taking from Joanne Judd!
Ironically I took from her when I was young!
So Fun!

A couple of months ago Ellaree decided she wanted to get herself dressed.
I think that she did a pretty good job. :)
Even though all 3 pieces belong to different outfits.
She was so proud! I love this picture!

Ellaree is really into helping me cook and bake. It is so sweet!
Here we are making cupcakes for Grandpa Red's birthday!
We made a cake too! Yes! It got really messy, but it was fun!
Thanks Ellaree!